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Avonmouth Truckstop

A welcome rest from the road

Avonmouth Truckstop is a well-known venue to the trucking community providing a stop off to use wifi and catch up on social, grab a coffee and have a cooked breakfast or roast dinner.

Owners, Brian and Kate, had a vision to bring their dated interior in to present day. This involved refurbishing the whole venue and re-organising the entire building. Tailor Made Catering Equipment Services took on this project and completely revolutionised the kitchen and canteen.

The kitchen needed to move from one end of the building to the other and occupy an old meeting/venue space that was no longer used. A brand new canteen servery was required along with modern cooking facilities including Unox combi ovens.

The Unox combi ovens:



- Advanced technology combi ovens

- Intuitive touch screen control panel

- Maximum flexibility in a small footprint

- Automatic washing system

- Energy efficient

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"Unox ovens were a no brainier, after arranging an on site demo, the customer really understood how the unit would be used to cater for their menu in a more efficient manor. In my opinion Unox provide good versatility when stacked, are easy to use and look the part."

James Austin
Account Project Manager, Tailor Made Catering Equipment Service

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