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The Unox BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ is the top of the range bakery and patisserie combi oven, available in the PLUS or the ONE version, in electric or gas. 

The BAKERTOP has been designed specifically for the bakery industry, with a 600x400 tray size, larger pitch and optimized air flow in the cooking chamber. By using convection, steam or a combination of the two, the combi oven can perform various baking processes with outstanding results. The BAKERTOP ovens can be stacked together with accessories such as a Decktop static oven or prover to create a complete baking solution in less than one square metre of floorspace.

The Unox combi ovens offer even more functions than ever before with touch screen technology, ready-made cooking programs that can be launched at touch of a button, recipes that can easily be stored, shared and recalled, automatic washing programs, internet connection and easy access to consumption statistics and HACCP data.

Chef Melissa Ryan uses her BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ to bake perfect macarons. How will you use yours?
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Discover the Bakery Combi Ovens range

  • 16 600x400 PLUS Electric 16 600x400 PLUS Electric
  • 16 600x400 PLUS Gas 16 600x400 PLUS Gas
  • 16 600x400 ONE Electric 16 600x400 ONE Electric
  • 10 600x400 PLUS Electric 10 600x400 PLUS Electric
  • 10 600x400 PLUS Gas 10 600x400 PLUS Gas
  • 10 600x400 ONE Electric 10 600x400 ONE Electric
  • 6 600x400 PLUS Electric 6 600x400 PLUS Electric
  • 6 600x400 PLUS Gas 6 600x400 PLUS Gas
  • 6 600x400 ONE Electric 6 600x400 ONE Electric
  • 4 600x400 PLUS Electric 4 600x400 PLUS Electric
  • 4 600x400 ONE Electric 4 600x400 ONE Electric

16 600x400 PLUS Electric

The 16 600x400 BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS electric combi oven is perfect for high volume baking, for example in busy bakeries or production kitchens. It comes complete with a roll-in trolley.

Model: XEBC-16EU-EPR (right-hand opening, hinged on the left)
Model: XEBC-16EU-EPL (left-hand opening, hinged on the right)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Voltage: 400 V - 3N
Electrical power: 35 kW
Dimensions WxDxH: 882 x 1043 x 1866 mm
Weight: 185 kg

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16 600x400 PLUS Electric

Key features:

- Easy to use touch screen control panel

- Steam, convection or a combination of the two

- CHEFUNOX pre-set programs

- MULTI.Time technology to manage up to 10 timers to cook different items at the same time

- MISE EN PLACE technology to manage the loading times of different items to ensure they are all ready at the same time

- MIND.Maps technology to create cooking processes made up of infinite steps by drawing a simple curve

- ADAPTIVE.Cooking technology to automatically adjust the cooking parameters to adapt to any load size

- Rotor.KLEAN automatic washing system

- Data menu with consumption statistics and HACCP data

- Internet connection

- Small footprint

Key benefits:

- Outstanding cooking performance

- Highly versatile

- Energy efficient

- Simplified work flows

- Low running costs and fast return on investment

Compare PLUS & ONE

Core probe
Multi point
Single point
Triple Glass
Double Glass
Internet connection
Ethernet as standard, Wifi and 3G optional
Ethernet, Wifi and 3G optional
Consumption data and HACCP
Automatic washing
Includes retro fan guard washing
No retro fan guard washing
MIND.MAPS With Unox MIND.Maps technology your hand is free to draw the curves of temperature, humidity and air speed on a visual language display
STEAM.Maxi Unox’s patented STEAM.Maxi technology is the solution to perfectly steam any items, even the most delicate ones at low temperatures. It produces dense steam that saturates every point of the cooking chamber already at 35°C.
DRY.Maxi DRY.Maxi rapidly extracts humidity from the cooking chamber and inserts dry air. The result is enhanced flavours in all cooking processes that require a completely dry environment such as grilling, browning or the final part of bakery processes.
Rotor.KLEAN The Unox automatic washing system Rotor.KLEAN together with DET&Rinse PLUS detergent guarantees perfect hygiene and the ideal long-term upkeep of the oven and its components.
ADAPTIVE COOKING ADAPTIVE.Cooking regulates the real time combined action of DRY.Maxi, STEAM.Maxi and AIR.Maxi so that you always get the same perfect results, whether you are cooking a single tray or a full load, taking into account changing conditions for example an increased load size or door openings.
CHEF UNOX CHEFUNOX and AUTOCOOK have a wide range of pre-set popular cooking programs. All the experience of Unox at the touch of a button.
READY COOK READY COOK enables easy access to pre-set common cooking conditions that are used for many recipes: STEAM, COMBI and GRILL.
MULTI TIME The MULTI TIME menu enables use of the oven in continuous mode, cooking products at different times and managing cooking times with up to 10 timers.
MISE EN PLACE The MISE EN PLACE function gives you the exact timing and sequence with which you need to place products with different cooking times into the oven so that they will all be ready at the same time.
  • BLACK.BAKE 600x400 BLACK.BAKE 600x400
  • BAKE 600x400 BAKE 600x400
  • FAKIRO 600x400 FAKIRO 600x400
  • BAGUETTE 600x400 BAGUETTE 600x400
  • Hoods for BAKERTOP MIND.Maps Hoods for BAKERTOP MIND.Maps
  • Stands and cabinets Stands and cabinets


Protect the performance you deserve.

UNOX.Care products keep your oven clean, protect it over time and reduce any maintenance costs.

BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens are all equipped with the ROTOR.Klean™ automatic washing system which together with the Unox DET&Rinse detergent and rinse aid guarantees perfect hygiene and the ideal long term upkeep of the oven and its components.

DET&Rinse™ is the detergent and rinse aid especially designed to ensure every day maximum hygiene levels, lower consumption rates and the durability of every component of your FTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS oven with SENSE.Klean intelligent automatic washing. 

Every bottle of DET&Rinse™ has a hermetic safety seal which prevents the release of liquid until it has been correctly screwed into the built-in drawer of your CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS oven to ensure maximum peace of mind during loading operations.

The UNOX.Pure filter and UNOX.Pure-RO reverse osmosis  filtering systems reduce or eliminate completely from the water all the substances which contribute to the formation of lime scale and/or rust inside the cooking chamber, a known cause of malfunctioning and breakdown. The control panel of your BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS  oven also monitors the quantity of water filtered by the UNOX.Pure system and automatically signals when it is time to replace the filter, optimising its use. UNOX. Pure is recommended for soft or medium water or with concentrations of chlorides below 25 ppm, while UNOX. Pure-RO is recommended for areas with particularly hard water and/or high concentrations of chlorides or iron ions.

Art.: DB1015 DET&Rinse PLUS

Art.: XHC003 UNOX.Pure water filter (XHC004 refill)

Art.: XHC003 UNOX.Pure-RO reverse osmosis unit (XHC006 refill)

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