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Unox Solutions for Convenience Stores

Delicious freshly baked goods in every store.

UNOX SOLUTIONS FOR… CONVENIENCE STORES. The new BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ convection ovens are ideal for busy convenience stores with fresh bakery corners. These advanced technology ovens have been designed for baking frozen goods in commercial spaces, where timing is crucial and volumes are high, and they give fantastic and consistent baking results.

Programs can easily be created and stored, and the ovens can even be connected by internet, meaning that new programs can be sent to every store at the touch of a button. This guarantees that wherever you are in the country, you will find the same products cooked exactly as they should be.

The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ convection ovens can be built in to housing and with their elegant design they look perfect in a modern store environment.

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Key Benefits Include

  • Convection ovens for freshly baked goods
  • Consistent results
  • Wide range of sizes & accessories
  • Easy to use with pre-saved programs
  • Energy efficient
  • Low running costs and fast return on investment

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