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The new generation of commercial oven innovation.

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Unox are a leading manufacturer of professional commercial ovens with over 70 different models providing a solution for every sector of the food service industry.

The team at Unox UK are experienced professionals in the food service industry, driven by the Taste of Building Success for our customers, our partners and our suppliers.

Our head office in Camberley, Surrey, is equipped with a test kitchen that can be used for clients to try our products and to carry out menu development. It is also used for technical training courses that ensure that our service partners are always up to date with the latest technology from Unox.

The Active Marketing Chefs at Unox UK have since 2016 given potential customers the opportunity for the first time to really "try before they buy" as they bring the combi oven to their premises to try with their ingredients and their recipes before they make any purchasing decision. These Unox Individual Cooking Experiences are a unique opportunity for the Chef to try the product in their environment.

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